January 8, 2015

Post Settlement

Happy New Year! It's been a while since my last post, things have been quite busy around here and the kids are on school holidays aswell.

In a nutshell things went smoothly after PCI we waited for things to be repaired before handover although a few things didn't get fixed so we moved in anyway although they wanted to delay handover and I wasn't prepared to delay it any further so we had trades here during the first week fixing window scratches, doors, and trying to repair my benchtop which has some sort of stain they cannot seem to take off and also 3 attempts of different cleaners trying to clean the white off the tiles, finally some relief.

It's great to finally be in here it was a very long and exhausting build process.
In the first week I had my shutters installed by Betterview blinds highly recommend, I have also ordered my fly screens and blinds for sliding doors which should arrive quite soon. Still awaiting some of my furniture deliveries due to Christmas it all got delayed a few weeks.
We had a major oven drama. Starting up my oven on the second day the oven glass door shattered. Total shock. Blanco sent a new one over after a weeks wait and after starting it up again guess what same thing happened although this time I didn't have any dinner in there. My advice try your oven asap.

We have commenced our pool build also and landscaping has been on hold until this project finishes.
Some updated pics below, although more to come soon.

Boys Bedroom 1

Boys bedroom 2

Main Bedroom (temporary curtains)

Powder Room
Pool Construction Concrete completed


  1. I was wondering how you guys were going. The house looks great (although I'm biased). It must be such a relief to finally be in, although you've still got to contend with the fixing items and maintenance period. I feel we'll experience the same thing with our paint splattered kitchen cabinets and scratched glass on the alfresco doors. Did they repair your scratches or just replace the windows?

    Looking forward to more pics!

    1. Hi Kidsbuggingme, thankyou! I have just been to your blog. Congratulations also.. How exciting hey! They repaired most of out scratched windows none got replace. How about yours? look forward to some pictures when you have settled in.

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