January 8, 2015

Post Settlement

Happy New Year! It's been a while since my last post, things have been quite busy around here and the kids are on school holidays aswell.

In a nutshell things went smoothly after PCI we waited for things to be repaired before handover although a few things didn't get fixed so we moved in anyway although they wanted to delay handover and I wasn't prepared to delay it any further so we had trades here during the first week fixing window scratches, doors, and trying to repair my benchtop which has some sort of stain they cannot seem to take off and also 3 attempts of different cleaners trying to clean the white off the tiles, finally some relief.

It's great to finally be in here it was a very long and exhausting build process.
In the first week I had my shutters installed by Betterview blinds highly recommend, I have also ordered my fly screens and blinds for sliding doors which should arrive quite soon. Still awaiting some of my furniture deliveries due to Christmas it all got delayed a few weeks.
We had a major oven drama. Starting up my oven on the second day the oven glass door shattered. Total shock. Blanco sent a new one over after a weeks wait and after starting it up again guess what same thing happened although this time I didn't have any dinner in there. My advice try your oven asap.

We have commenced our pool build also and landscaping has been on hold until this project finishes.
Some updated pics below, although more to come soon.

Boys Bedroom 1

Boys bedroom 2

Main Bedroom (temporary curtains)

Powder Room
Pool Construction Concrete completed

November 14, 2014

PCI completed

Our Inspection has been completed and overall it wasn't too bad. Although lots of blue tape inside and outside mostly brick work(probably one of the worst I've seen), gyprock and paint work. We found a few window frames scratched from the outside which I'm not happy with although they have promised to fix them. Our SS has been great in rectifying these issues from the inspection and had 5 different tradies fixing the faults the day after. 

We have a handover day.... next Thursday the 20th. We honestly can't wait. It has been a slow painful process both admin and build although it is all coming to a close quite soon. We received our interim occupancy certificate today. Exciting times ahead!

Our facade has been repainted also and this time we have decided to do it all one colour. 

Another clean will also be needed I have requested that my tiles on the main floor look like the ones we purchased from Di lorenzo(not too much to ask) and not white ones(covered in white powder). They are arranging a special buffing to get all the powder stuff off. 

Carpet was layed on Monday and oops they forgot to carpet the stairs. Loving the softness of the carpet. They will be back to do this hopefully before handover.

November 2, 2014

A few extra's....

I managed to take a few pics of the freshly stained staircase and doors. Also the upstairs linen glass doors have also been fitted.
We are approaching our inspection day 10 days to go.... The last few weeks have been a drag. The slowest part of the build. Not long to go now.

October 30, 2014

Kitchen Splashback

Glass Splashback has been installed in the kitchen and butlers kitchen. The colour we selected is Gunmetal Glitz.

A few exciting things have happened this week, we received our PCI letter to confirm our PCI for the 12th of November.

Progress this week:
Doors and staircase have been stained
Door furniture installed
Towel rails fitted to bathrooms
Few bad bricks have been replaced around house
Painting completed

To do:
Glass to staircase
Electrical fittings
Ducted vacuum
House clean

October 24, 2014


Week 27 -Our driveway has been finally poured. Ongoing discussions re the colour of the driveway going back and forth to landscapers we stuck with gunmetal as originally selected. We were up in the air with the colours as the concreters we telling us that bluestone was darker than gunmetal and we wanted a dark driveway. We also nearly changed it to Charcoal, which I think would also look nice. Overall we are happy with the colour of the driveway and unfortunately as DA conditions state the council concrete cannot be coloured. Would have loved for it to be coloured also although we would have major problems obtaining final completion certificate.

We have not heard from our SS and therefore unaware on how long we have left quite frustrating as things are taking forever and they are not communicating any dates.  I had in mind that the house would be completed by 26 weeks?

 Kitchen splashback was installed (I will be back later for a separate post with pics).
Painting commenced on Thursday
Jobs left to do:
Painting inside/outside(downpipes, lower eaves, front door)
Door furniture/ towel rails
Stair rail staining
Ducted vacuum installation
House clean

October 16, 2014

Pantry, Storerooms, WIR shelving and more.

-This week we have seen the shelving installed in the Butlers Pantry, storeroom, cloak room and WIR's. We changed the shelving in the butlers pantry and cloak room.
-The kitchen splashback has been half completed as for some odd reason they did not complete the returns on the splashback and also did not install the glass in the butlers. They will be back we hope.
-The lights in the media room have now been changed to the requested blue lights also.
-Driveway was scheduled for today although with the rain we had the other day no doubt they have been back logged.
-Fencing has been removed around the site also and a site clean up( wohoo finally!)
Painters are not due in till next week we have been told.
So looking like we still have at least 3 weeks till PCI. No dates given yet.
Main Bedroom fitout

Linen upstairs

Cloak Room

Butlers Pantry

October 11, 2014

Getting Closer...

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (only just) . Things seem to be getting closer to moving into our brand new home. Its taking shape!
This week we have had the main floor tiling completed, shower screens and mirrors installed.
Forecast for next week rain just in time for our scheduled drive way.
My list of things to do is getting slightly downsized.

Things left to be completed:
Splashback in Kitchen/butlers
Door furniture
Staircase- staircase staining and glass installation

House needs a clean very messy!
Powder Room

Powder Room Shower

Boys Bathroom


Ensuite shower with Kubis

Ensuite Bath

Butlers Pantry

Messy main floor awaiting grouting