October 16, 2014

Pantry, Storerooms, WIR shelving and more.

-This week we have seen the shelving installed in the Butlers Pantry, storeroom, cloak room and WIR's. We changed the shelving in the butlers pantry and cloak room.
-The kitchen splashback has been half completed as for some odd reason they did not complete the returns on the splashback and also did not install the glass in the butlers. They will be back we hope.
-The lights in the media room have now been changed to the requested blue lights also.
-Driveway was scheduled for today although with the rain we had the other day no doubt they have been back logged.
-Fencing has been removed around the site also and a site clean up( wohoo finally!)
Painters are not due in till next week we have been told.
So looking like we still have at least 3 weeks till PCI. No dates given yet.
Main Bedroom fitout

Linen upstairs

Cloak Room

Butlers Pantry


  1. 3 weeks !!! so exciting!!
    Are you organising fencing/landscaping/etc?? Lucky, the weather will be ok for the driveway :)

    Also, Are you using a Building inspector? I'm trying to get one for my house.

    1. Hi, yes we are starting to organise fencing quotes at the moment. Landscaping we have not started as yet. We were thinking of getting a building inspector although we will probably leave it, not completely ruled out. Have you found one yet?