July 9, 2014

Progress update...

Bricking was completed on the 27th of June after the brickies left the site after completing ground level they didn't return for 8 days which pushed us back a bit.

On a good note the fascia, gutters and roof have also been laid . We are quite happy with the colours. The state of the house currently is not what you would like to see. The sliding doors are covered in cement along with the door tracks, and is definitely OH&S issues at the front.

Brick cleaning is scheduled for today and I will hopefully have some better pics to upload soon.Very hard to get a nice shot with all the scaffolding in the way.
(After not visiting my blog for a while all my posts were gone. So I have managed to upload a few different pics and progress although I cannot remember all the posts.)

Monument gutters/surfmist fascia

Ground level bricking before scaffolding